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Brown Thrasher

Toxostoma rufum

The Brown Thrasher is a bird in a group that also includes Mockingbirds. It is bright reddish-brown above with thin, dark streaks on its buffy underparts. Its long rufous tail is rounded with paler corners. Eyes are a brilliant gold. Adults are 30cm long with a wingspan of 33 cm, and weighs 68 gm.

It is found in thickets and dense brush, often searching for food in dry leaves on the ground. It also enjoys the convergence of mowed to unmowed lawns, particularly if there are ample shrubs or shrubby trees, i.e., fruit orchards that the undergrowth is left undisturbed. It also enjoys perennial gardens and can be seen jumping from the ground to catch insects on flowers and foliage.

Its breeding range includes the United States and Canada east of the Rocky Mountains. It is a partial migrant, with northern birds wintering in the southern USA, where it occurs throughout the year. There is a single British record of this unlikely transatlantic vagrant.


Regional Names
  • French:
    Moqueur roux
  • Spanish:
    cuitlacoche rojizo
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Toxostoma rufum

Quick Facts
  • It is a state bird of Georgia.
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