Kipling Hide

Pench Tree Lodge, Pench, Madhya Pradesh, India

The Kipling Hide

At Pugdundee Safaris we have always been at the forefront of bespoke wilderness experiences and breaking new ground in creating wildlife experiences for our guests that not only thrill but also enrich their understanding of the panoply of wildlife that is found in India’s forests.

Staying true to this intent, we have now taken up the responsibility of diversifying the experiences & creating unmatched wildlife photography hide adventure across two of our lodges. One of these hides at Pench Tree Lodge is now operational & is named ‘The Kipling Hide’, for all the natural reasons.

Besides a number of bird species visiting the hide we also have jackals, wild boars, jungle cats, and mongoose visiting regularly.
In-house guests can book a single seat slot costing Rs 2000/- for up to 3-4 hours where the photographer can share the space with other photographers. If on the other hand, guests wish to indulge in a more private experience they can even rent out the entire hide by paying Rs 5000/- for the same duration.
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