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About us

It was summer of 2007 when we decided to showcase our love for birds to the world through our own website. And we launched BirdsInfo.Net.

Our passion was never limited to Birds Photography as such. As a side-product to our Birds Photography trips; we started discovering many other aspects of nature photography - Butterflies, Flowers, Insects, Landscapes etc. In 2012, we decided bringing all our work under one roof. And we launched - TheNatureWeb.Net; As part of the conversion process we updated BirdsInfo.Net to Birds.TheNatureWeb.Net

We do love even watching birds! But being a photographer; we're always in search of "the best shot ever". That moment never comes; as every time we feel that there could have been a better shot. As a result; we keep on recycling our bird images to replace the old ones with better ones.

Our website contains extensive collection of Indian Birds & North American Birds. Considering the user base OR location of majority of our visitors... website include Bird Names in Marathi, Hindi and other regional languages.

While our main focus was on photography; per our visitors requests; website provide high level information related to bird species, habitat, food etc. And we do take help of wikipedia to provide this information.

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Your feedback, suggestions are improvement parameters for us. We'll try to make best use of your comments to improve the website.